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DECORMAT  – satin glass

DECORMAT frosted glass is obtained in the process of acid etching of the float glass surface. The chemicals frost the surface of the glass, giving it a subtle, satin appearance, while protecting it from dirt.


Mirrors are an indispensable decoration of any room. The development of technology for the production of flat glass using the float method has allowed for the production of mirrors on perfectly flat glass, ensuring a distortion-free reflection.

Currently, our offer includes a wide range of silver, coloured and special mirrors.

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Lacquered glass

Lacquered glass has gained immense popularity as a filling in sliding doors, wall cladding and decorative furniture parts.


Ornamental glass

The pattern on ornamental glass is obtained by rolling a ribbon of molten glass.

We offer a range of ornamental glass from AGC and Saint-Gobain.

Laminated glass

An element of decoration can also be laminated glass. It is a glass that consists of two sheets and a foil placed between them.

This type of glass can be made as two sheets of clear float glass with coloured or frosted foil between them, or as one sheet of clear float glass and a second sheet of body-tinted glass.

Sandblasted glass

The frosted surface of sandblasted glass is obtained by the mechanical action of sand particles on the surface of float glass.