Special glass

TIMELESS – shower cabin glass

TIMELESS is an anti-corrosion glass designed for shower cabins.

It is based on highly transparent SGG Planiclear glass, with a metal oxide coating applied on the surface. The coating does not change the perception of the colours, regardless of the thickness of the glass.

OPTISHOWER – shower cabin glass

It is a float glass coated with a durable on-line coating that prevents surface corrosion during prolonged exposure to moisture. The coating on the surface of the glass makes it easier to clean and provides better protection against water stains and residue.

We offer OptiShower™ glass made on the basis of Optiwhite™ super-white glass. The use of this type of glass gives the effect of natural color on the visible edges and is perfect for all applications that require the preservation of the colors and transparency of glass.

ROBAX – fireplace glass

We offer SCHOTT ROBAX® fireplace glass.

With 40 years of experience and over 110 million ROBAX® fireplace panels sold, SCHOTT is one of the leading manufacturers of heat-resistant glass ceramics.


Thanks to its vast know-how, passion and the spirit of innovation, the technology group constantly comes up with new solutions to improve the properties of the products offered.


SCHOTT is the initiator and creator of ideas for products and the sales market, with its motto being SCHOTT ROBAX®. Life. In front.


ROBAX® glass ceramics consist of 95% sand and other natural raw materials. Thanks to extremely low thermal expansion, it has a very high resistance to high temperatures and a high mechanical strength. The glass can withstand high temperatures of up to 760°C for a short time. SCHOTT ROBAX® is also resistant to significant temperature gradients and thermal shocks.


SCHOTT ROBAX® offers optimal protection and a true joy of fire.

Antireflective glass

PICTO – anti-reflective glass produced by Saint-Gobain. 

It is the ideal glass for framing paintings, posters, prints, etc., perfectly reflecting colors and sharpening the contours of objects

INSPIRATION – anti-reflective glass produced by Guardian

Acid-etched on one side, reducing reflections even in direct lighting.